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About my recordings in the Electronica/Ambient/World/Pop/Jazz/Dub genre
Fret Magazine
...obviously a definate own style,something that's often not the case with the,mainly to the international scene lookin',Dutch producers.This album has clearly great potential.(Ruud Lekx)
Music Maker
a treasure of musical ideas from the highest order... a beautiful and well balanced production.(Enrico Versteegh)
Opscene Magazine
Rozario is still one of Netherlands best kept secrets.(Wim van den Herik)
First Prize Music Maker/Salisbury Pop Prize
Rozario brings a mix of triphop,music from the 20th's and funk.By using strange sounds,such as pedal steel guitar,old synth sounds and samples,he directs you constantly on a different trail.Inspired by Howie B,Tom Waits and the triphop from the British Wall Of Sound label,he keeps you surprised all the time.
First Prize Future Music Award
The composition 'A Heck of a song' is an original amalgation of acoustic and digital instruments that results in the creation,with a minimum of resources,of an intimate triphop atmosphere.
Future Music Magazine
Clever use of samples,chords and melodies,resulting in original,light floating and jazzy jungle style....extraordinary musical.(Jan Katsma)

Bassic Groove Magazine
This album breaths the atmosphere,thru the way of composing,which is so typical jazz.(Theo Ploeg)
Alles op Tien Magazine
...the Drum'n'Bass of 'A Bigga Bigga Hunk' with bigband samples could easily be a track from the British Movin' Shadow label.(Ben Evenweg)
Opscene Magazine
...we are delighted with this release.We are curious lookin' forward to the next album!.(Wim van den Herik)

About the jazztrio

Münstersche Zeitung
Sanfte Streicheleinheit für die Seele (Tanja Schürmann)

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