about me

When i was 19 i heard the young George Benson on ' The George Benson Cookbook ', it knocked me off my feet. I was inspired and wanted to play like him. I learned the guitar by myself, finding out notes and chords and one year later i went to study jazzguitar at the conservatory. Since 1991 i am active in music and teaching. Looking beyound the boundaries of jazz and just playing guitar i got involved in producing, sampling and other electronic stuff by hearing some Ninja Tunes artists like DJ Food and Amon Tobin. I produced 4 albums in the Electronica/Ambient/World/Pop/Jazz/Dub genre. I won the Salisbury Sound/Music Maker Pop Prize and the Future Music Award. I played in partybands and had my own jazzgroups such as the trio The Splendid Guitars.