zaterdag 10 november 2012

Use your ears

Welcome in the world of apps and internet tools for ' musicians'. There are hundred of trillions apps out there. But if you need these type of things......
chord progression tool
chord progression generator
Or this one : " For Music Composers " , i'm tellin' you, quit your attempt to be a composer.
Chord Scale Finder for Music Composers better stop trying to be a musician. Or, learn to play by ear, learn musictheory and listen to the Masters, copy their lines and write them out. Analyse songs and chordchanges. And practise, practise, practise !
Charlie Parker quotes
Wynton Marsalis quotes
Interview with the legendary master of jazzguitar Jim Hall

Ear training - Wikipedia
Here are some great eartraining / solfege tools:
Online Ear Trainer 2.0
Earbeater - online ear trainer

Oh yeah, some talent and creativity may be involved.You can't buy those. But solutions here :
What If I Have No Talent?
Learning to play music when you have no musical talent.
How to Become a Rockstar
How to Choose a Musical Instrument to Play
How to Learn to Play an Instrument

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